Cultivating Wholeness


“Every time I look in the mirror I see a lady staring back at me, with eyes of sadness, beautiful on the outside, yet the pains cannot be hidden.

I see my foundation clearly laid to conceal my wrinkled face.

Photo Credit: Ghostphotographyy. Model Samantha Ivancsik

My eye liner has been carefully drawn to enhance my eyes, my mascara to mask away the tears. But it cannot last for too long as the tears give way to the depression that pierces from my soul.

Because all he ever did was turn me to a puppet. Dancing to his every tune. He told me he could give me a future brighter than the sparks in my eyes. That my natural look was never enough. That I, like a student had failed in the school of beauty and hence the reason for my make-up.

Photo Credit:GhostPhotographyy Model:Samantha

I was his clone, reflecting only what he showed, like a drone moving as he pressed the buttons of his remote.” But just as the dark clouds gives way to the rays of the sun, I knew it was time to leave. I couldn’t take it anymore.

The winds of freedom were stronger than his grip. A voice inside of me told me that there was more, and so I fought for all I was worth, to escape his grasp. I ran, and ran and ran, and bumped into the figure of a man, so tall and huge. I froze in my tracks and thought,” oh no!, this must certainly be one of Captain’s Deville men.” I knew I was a mess, never was I to be seen by anyone without my disguise. And so quickly I tried once again to conceal my blemishes. But he held my hands and looked at me, with fiery eyes, yet with a kindness I had never seen and uttered the most loving words I had ever heard “you are worth more than what you think are your deficiencies, no need to conceal your blemishes because when I see you I see PERFECTION!”

Model: Samantha

We live in a superficial society, where the idea and opinions of a few are binding on others.  Where acceptance has become a priority, spurn out of societal minority.  The world has placed a standard that everyone wants to attain to prove superiority. It tells you, you are not good enough the way you are. So you have a teenager who hasn’t worked a day in life wanting to use the latest phone to be on par with the ‘big boys’.  Girls ashamed of their natural look, depressed that they have pimples, or a small bust size or flat buttocks-a biological process you have no control over.  What people fail to realise is that the real you is not in how you look, or what you have because if it were based on these, then a Pastor Nick Vujicic would not be qualified to be on this earth- A man whose existence has given hope and life to lots of people. No the real you is in you which is in the one who loves you above your imperfections. The one who died for humanity and opened the gate for eternity. He said in Jeremiah 1:5 that He formed you right in the womb and knew you. Imagine that! Humans can say, “oh, I love that girl, she has a nice frame, she is beautiful’ and hence want to get to know you. But not Christ. He already wanted friendship even before you had any form. “whoa!” You are already complete in Him (Colossians 2:10).

So you have nothing to be ashamed, no need to keep your head down (except you are dabbing).


walk with your shoulder high and talk, because He lives in you. Shalom.

Live joyful every day.

You can check out an interview on Wholeness conducted by my awesome daughter Eunice. 

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Praise says:

    Very helpful and impactful. Our indenity is found in Christ and not our physical appearance


    1. The Glee Hub says:

      In all honestly, sometimes its easy to forget when the cares of the world come at us, but we thank God that we have His spirit in us that constantly reminds us.


  2. Awesome…thanks for this


    1. The Glee Hub says:

      My able Psychologist…thanks for reading boss.

      Liked by 1 person

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