The Father’s Love

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Basking in the sun, Yadi laid on the shores of sea, enjoying the coolness of the water as the waves splashed unto her body. The holiday season was just beginning. Yadi wanted to have all the fun she could before heading back to school. She decided it was time for a swim. Sea Authorities had certified the area safe. She knew how far she could go before it was too dangerous. As she stood ready for a dive, she looked at her father who was just across, grilling some steak. He gave her an approving look and whooopsh!!!… she dived in with a splash. Lola her friend, dived right in after her and the girls were in for a competition. Minutes in the sea, they were few meters away from danger zone, they didn’t see the black horn approaching…girls laughing and screaming in excitement…on lookers screaming as well, but in panic. In a twinkle of an eye Lola saw the worried look on her mother’s face and saw other swimmers heading for the shores. She knew it was danger.

Photo Credit: Dr. Erich. Ritter

She looked behind her, and saw the horn few meters away and screamed “Yadi!…Run!!…Shark!!!” as she headed for the shore. Yadi was terrified, she wasn’t as good as Lola in swimming and for a moment was transfixed in fear. Yadi’s dad couldn’t take it and without much thoughts, he took off his shirt and dived into the sea, resisting local authorities from stopping him. That was his baby girl in trouble. And he wasn’t about to watch her become shark food. He’d rather die than let that happen. In few minutes he had grabbed his baby girl in his arms. The shark was closing in on them. He held her tight in His arms praying that the rescue would come soon or a miracle would happen. In an instant, he remembered the pocket knife he always had on his waist belt, he reached for it, and still holding Yadi tightly in one arm swarm as fast as he could towards the shore. It was no use as he felt the grip of the shark, he shouted “Yadi…go faster…no matter what do not stop!”. Terrified Yadi swarm with all her might. She was picked by the local authorities and rolled back to safety. Yadi’s dad turned and with a fearless grip of the knife, plunged the knife into the left eye of the shark. The shark withdrew with his left foot in its mouth, swimming deeper into the sea, as the authorities grabbed him to safety. Though he had lost his foot and would need to get prosthetics, he knew the sacrifice to keep his baby girl whole and safe was worth it. On the death bed of her mother, He had promised to protect and defend Yadi at all cost even if it meant giving up his life.

Chris williams and His daughter Sarah, 15, who was knocked on her kayak by a great white shark Picture Matt Tuner
Chris Williams and his daughter Sarah, 15, who was knocked on her kayak by a great white shark Picture Credit: Matt Tuner.

The above story shadows the love that our heavenly father has for his children. We see Yadi’s dad a mere mortal, risking his life for his daughter because of a promise he made to Yadi’s mum and was willing to keep it to the very end. We’ve heard many cases of earthly fathers breaking promises and hurting their daughters, In as much as Yadi’s dad showed how deep a love an earthly father can have for a daughter. It is nothing compared to the love that God has for us His Children. Romans 5:8 tells us that God already demonstrated His love to us as Sinners by Christ dying for our sins. Imagine someone loving you from a distance when you never even knew them, how much more do you think they will love you when they realise you have a knowledge about them? They will love you greater. God doesn’t love like humans do. Humans love can be reciprocated-a love that is bound by conditions. For examples, we find parents ready to brag about that child that is an ‘A-star’. They take accolades for being there and supporting the child all through the way, but when a child is not of the best behaviour, they look for different ways to trade the blame- ‘Oh, his school cannot handle him’, ‘he doesn’t want to learn’ etc. They employ all forms of coercion possible to gain compliance from the child, and finally some may disown the child or send them to go stay with some relatives when they feel they have no control over them anymore.
However, our heavenly father is so much more amazing than that. He doesn’t cast you away because of what you do. You need not please Him again by any other means to buy his love, He is already pleased with you by the blood of Jesus, when you believe. His love was manifested in action when He sent His son to die for us as John 3:16 states it. Hebrews 7:22 says that “Jesus has become a surety for a better covenant”. A covenant that is not broken when one party falls shorts. That same Hebrews 7:25 says that “He is able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercessions’ for the saints”. Jesus is with the father pleading your case. You have been purchased with a price that can never be returned. Romans 8:35-39 explains vividly that NOTHING can ever separate us from the love of the father. Once you have been redeemed from the curse of sin and are called his child, you are sealed and He won’t send you away. So now is the time to stop feeling bad, rejected, condemned and unworthy, because God calls you good, precious and worth more than all the precious stones.

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For further study please read: Hebrews 7, 8, Galatians 3, Romans 5 & 8.

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  1. This is so beautiful! ! Its always so refreshing to be reminded of Gods love! Very nicely put together. Thank you so much x

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    1. The Glee Hub says:

      His love so overwhelming… it never runs out on us…


  2. Princess says:

    This is beautiful


  3. Seye Okonji says:

    This is so awesome!!! Thank you for this ma.


  4. Tayo oladimeji says:

    Wow I really enjoyed the story it was awesome, diction on point and most of all it’s really nice to be reminded God’s love for his children.


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