Glances from beyond

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Anchor: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…we have a winner…hold on..its a new winner…oh my, the 2-Time champion has been defeated…please, a standing ovation for the student with the most outstanding essay, the winner of the Proprietor’s  ‘Green ways to Life’ Essay competition 2017, Miss Sharon Adebosun.

Screams of happiness and wild applause filled the air as five of Sharon’s classmate rushed to carry her to the stage.  She had worked really hard for this, the sleepless nights, the frequent trips to the Library, the constant appeal to the hostel mistress to be allowed to use the internet room at odd hours. Her efforts had paid off and her friends were extremely happy for her. Way to go Sharon, I’m so proud of you”. said Lisa as she clapped her a High 5.

Congrats Sharon, but you better watch it because I’m coming for that trophy next year”. Titi said dimming her right eyes while raising her left eyebrows with a half-mouthed smile.

Uuuuuuuuhhhhh! I’m scared” Sharon blurted as she faked a frightened face and embraced Titi, her best friend

“Oh no you aren’t, It’s certainly mine” Tom Interrupted, I was the first runner up here so next year, that trophy is mine! It even has my name… Trom!!!”

Everyone laughed and continued to celebrate with Sharon. Everyone except Linda.

Lisa was the first to notice Linda’s countenance and went on to tease her. “Jeeeez Linda, the look on your face seems like you planning to steal the trophy, whats up with you girl? …aren’t you happy for Sharon?”

“Oh, I’m really happy for her, congrats Sharon she said as she quickly made her way to the door to escape further probing but Tom was faster and barricaded the exit and said to her “common Linda, we are all friends and studied for this essay together, the least we can do is celebrate with our friend. Next year, it may be your turn also and we will celebrate with you.”

“It can never be my turn!” cried Linda as tears began to flow from her eyes. “Every time there is a competition, we all study together, I put in the same efforts and sometimes a whole lot more, but still never end up a winner, not even among the top 3. Everyone -Lisa, Amaka, Titi and you Tom have all won competitions in this school. EVERYONE, but me! I am tired of preparing and planning. You know what, I have accepted my fate that good things happen to every other person but me. Maybe I am not just destined for greatness. I give up! Linda pushed Tom out of the exit and stormed out.

Many of us have felt/feel like Linda. We feel that good things happen to other people but us. We view success or good experiences as winning the lottery, something that seems to happen to everyone else but us, hence more often than not, we find ourselves always staring at successes from the other side. To us, victories only exist in our imagination, never a reality. Some of us feel jinxed or destined for failure hence we give up trying.

The truth is, this world doesn’t revolve around only you; with an estimate of over 7 billion people in the world, the universe isn’t focused on only your DNA to stall you from being great. You are not a rare species of human that demons and principalities have decided to chase every day to make sure you do not succeed.

Good things happen to people and bad things happen to people as well. Most people who have been successful have tasted failure as well. If they had given up, they will never have known greatness. They were all too determined to forge ahead. No one is born a victor or a victim. Yes, environment and circumstances can differ with some having better conditions at their disposals, but even people born with the right circumstance for victory can end up failures if they do not know how to stay victorious.

God does not program anyone for failure, His word says that He is just and makes His rain shine on both the good and evil. Yes, we live in a world that believes in miracles and chances, but that is more of a 2% chance than 50/50 trial. Our world is governed basically by principles and principles when constantly applied and religiously followed will achieve great result. You have been given everything for success, go out there and be successful (Ephesians 1:3).

P.S: if you feel you are jinxed or otherwise and need further talks on this, please send us an email.  Kindly leave a comment in the box below. Thank you for reading.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. simi says:

    amazing…ive felt like this for a while, now i know better..i am not programmed for failure. .thank Miss J


  2. Eunice says:

    Beautiful write up! I can totally relate. Thank you Miss Joy


  3. Eunice says:

    Beautiful write up! I can totally relate. Thank you Miss Joy


  4. No one is born a victim or victor. You make the most of the hand you’ve been dealt. Thank you for this.


  5. Dasola says:

    I can totally relate, thank you for this Miss. Joy


  6. touristsnaija says:

    This was a great read. I recsntly has some thoughts in regards to this issue and I just got the icing go my cake of thoughts. Thank you!


  7. Udeme says:

    Thank you miss joy, anytime I seem to feel like that I will remember what I have just read today


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