Friends in Cold War

Phototcredit: Source unknown

It had been a long day. Jade couldn’t wait for the closing bell so she could go back to the hostel, away from a bunch of ‘nosy’ teachers who just wouldn’t leave her alone. She knew they were trying to help, but their approach was plain annoying. They didn’t even bother to know why she had five pending assignments and 6 notes to update. The head tutor had called her mother, Mrs King to inform her of her daughter’s negligence to school work. She knew her mother would not give her the chance to explain why she was lagging in her school work. Even if she was given a chance, how would she explain to her mum that her dad had been calling her for the past two weeks on plans to relocate her to Canada with him? She never understood why her parents were no longer together. They said they had grown distant and wanted new things. She wondered how you could grow distant from somebody you had live 10 years with and had initially promised to love forever.

broken promises

Her parents had joint custody. Even though it had been five years since their split, her mother still choose to retain her married name as it was too much stress effecting those changes in her documents. Jade’s father had agreed to it but her paternal grandmother objected. She felt Jade’s mother was a failure. To her, any woman who couldn’t keep her home wasn’t worthy to bear their family name, hence she never seized to show her how much of a failure she was. However, her mother took solace in making sure her daughter remained the best in her academics. She knew if she told her mom about her dads’ plans her mom would call her an ungrateful child, so the reason why she could not concentrate in class anymore.

Worse, her best friend, Amy had been ignoring her for a while, or so she felt. Amy seemed to be spending more time with Ife, the new girl in class and she wondered if Amy was looking to replace her. “Oh well”, she said to herself, “if Amy wasn’t interested in being friends with me”, I could care less”. Still lost in her thoughts, she didn’t see Amy leave the class with blood shot eyes which were filled with tears she had tried to hold back. Amy wondered why Jade had been acting so cold and distant from her, she wanted to ask but she had been too occupied helping Ife settle down with her class work. She promised the teacher she would help her out so it was important she kept her word. However recent news from home also kept her trapped in her own world. She wished she could just run to Jade, give her a big hug and cry in her embrace as they usually did. Her mum had been diagnosed with stage 1 cancer of the breast and was scheduled for surgery the following week. The cancer tumour was just slightly below 2 centimetres hence there was a higher chance of recovery. Amy was hopeful but whatever the case she subconsciously prepared her mind for the worst.

As the night prep came to a close, Jade decided to stop acting childish and ask Amy if she had offended her. Amy explained the reason for her sudden closeness to Ife and her mother’s predicament. Jade was ashamed that she had thought badly of her best friend when she also was going through a difficult moment. They both hugged and comforted each other and decided to talk to the one who is never too busy for them.

Most times, we look to our friends, family and loved ones for our happiness. We expect them to always be there no matter what. Sometimes, we get angry when they fail at keeping up to a promise they had made or when they appear too busy to notice our hurt and pain. We forget that they too are humans and have their own struggles and hurts that they can fail at keeping a promise not because they want to, but because of genuine circumstances that are truly beyond their control.



However, there is one who is ever present and never leave. He never gets too busy to notice those tears that may escapes our cheeks. He already knew that this world is flawed and evil and hence you may encounter some trouble, but He encourages you to be of good cheer because He’s already been victorious and so, you too can!!!



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  1. oduduessien says:

    Really nice and inspiring. Will definitely go a long way to encourage others on this sometimes lonely journey of life.


    1. The Glee Hub says:

      I pray it does..thanks for stopping by


  2. Oyokomino Akinola says:

    Wow, this is so apt. It’s to easy to get so consumed in your own problems you become dead to the needs of those around you. 👍🏾


    1. The Glee Hub says:

      Yes and sometimes we choke the love out of our relationships..thanks for stopping by


  3. Eniola says:

    This is very interesting and thought provoking. Just learnt something valuable.


  4. Kelechi Onyeulo says:

    It was a lovely read and very inspiring thanks


  5. Adeleke Joshua says:

    Haaa,this piece is awesome


  6. Dasola says:

    Very true! This is truly an eye opener (can’t help but notice the best platoon ever though #Logos) Thank you Miss Joy❤


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