Fola, held up Niyi’s painting and tried to figure what it was.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-19 at 18.48.07

“Looks like Simba from Lion King running away from his uncle ”

“Oh No. Are you blind? It looks like a description of hell…grrrrrrh!” said  Freddy as he clenched his teeth and made scary faces.

Sandra passes by, looks at them and laughs mockingly, “That painting looks like something my 3 year old nephew would paint for fun”

“Ah ah! Come on Sandra, the painting isn’t so bad, if you look deeply at it from this angle you will get to see the hidden meaning behind it,” said Thomas, “If you look at it from the left, it looks like a jigsaw puzzle, but from the right like a person trying to run away and in the middle a hollow, all-seeing eye”

“Oh, Puh-lease! Spare me the detective tales, when He’s not a Da vinci” snapped Sandra and half the class went “Whoa!” as wild laughter filled the air.

Wow! said Sam, that’s a lovely work you have there Niyi, and I will love to have it.

Simi screams “I can’t believe all these hullabaloo has been all for nothing more than this worthless painting”

Suddenly, the Art teacher walks into the class and asks “what is going on here?” Henry who had been a quiet observer went on to explain to the teacher what had transpired within the last 20 minutes. The teacher amazed at the paintings looks at Sandra and the rest with such pity in his eyes. “This is one of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen”.  However, I do not expect some of you to realise it because you have no idea how to appreciate a work of art. He turns to Sandra and says “Sandra, in as much as you do not like art or know how to paint does not mean you criticise a person’s work. If you do not understand the beauty and mastery behind a piece of work, ask questions or let the work be and leave it for people who love art to appreciate it”…

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-23 at 00.12.11

We all of are like a piece of painting. Artistically thought about and designed by a great artist. Most times, the beginning of our formation may not look like much for those observing from outside, but trust the artist to always have the complete work in His head.

When people are quick to judge you and make conclusions about you. You do not have to accept it. Just like Sandra and her friends were oblivious to the beauty of the painting, so also some people will be unappreciative to your worth. Whatever you do, you will never please them, and they can never understand you and hence want you to fit into their ‘standard’. But how many peoples’ standard will you fit into? Today someone can tell you,”you are too fat”, another person tomorrow, “You are too slim” or ‘too dark, too fair’,or  ‘your hips are too small’ you look ugly without packs and abs’ or you are ‘just plain weird’ will you keep on changing to suit them?

art by dara

You will end up feeling frustrated if you do because human wants are always ‘numerous and insatiable’ Most times humans are indecisive to what they really want hence the reason we have people seeking different things in different places.

However, just as an artist gives life, meaning and identity to its painting, so also, the one who carved out your form gives life and meaning to you. He is not defined in the history books of science, nor by the ‘theory of evolution’ if you came from apes, why then have humans stopped evolving? They may be called ‘great apes, but they are certainly not greater than humans and the one who formed them. Your form is too complex to have originated only from evolution. There is someone whom your soul craves for, you know it, and you have felt like there is something missing. He is God and if you will allow yourself be objective and pull down your self-imposed walls against God you will find Him. You cannot say a thing is bad if you haven’t tried it. You cannot say God doesn’t care or isn’t real if you haven’t even given Him a chance. (To know more about God in the simplest form visit www.youngecclesianation.com for more). God is your artist, your director, your script writer, He wants to direct so you can be the star. Your price and worth is all found in Him As the author gives life to the character of a novel and not the readers intuitive mind so He gives your life an Identity and with Him, you never have to worry about not measuring up, He loved you already when you didn’t know Him or care, how much more now that you have been called ‘His child. You beauty is found truly in the one who created you, so let Him continue to define and design you because you are a ‘great masterpiece’.

…the teacher looked at Niyi, apologised to him on behalf of the class members who were already had their heads faced down for their initial behavior. and asked him to interprete his painting. The class members including Sandra were all so eager to learn.

Niyi, with his boyish look, was more than delighted to give the interpretation of the painting below.

“It basically explains that we should see people through God’s eyes, mean we love then unconditionally. We are solutions to the problems in this world, so rather than point out flaws, we work hard to solve it.

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-19 at 18.47.27.jpeg
For more artistic work, follow @king_niyi on IG

I hope you enjoyed this, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. unknown says:

    Awesome write up!

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  2. Eunice says:

    This is epic!!! Amazing analysis of the painting. Great job!


  3. I absolutely love this! Will definitely start to view people and paintings in a different light 😁

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    1. The Glee Hub says:

      lol, yes you should…no one likes people saying mean things about their work…thanks for stopping by


  4. This is a very good piece of art 😎😎😎👍

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  5. QueenEsther says:

    This is so beautiful! No one knows the work better than he who who made it!

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  6. Daphne says:

    Wonderful,inspiring and encouraging …we ‘re worth more than we think.

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  7. Oluwatomi Oni says:

    A well thought of writing and an exposition into the beauty in even the most abstract forms of art. We are God’s art and his intricate plans and designs for us may not be easily comprehended by many but it bears deep meaning.

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  8. Itsagie says:

    Amazing work!! Only those who decide to appreciate the work of art will!


  9. simi says:

    This is just beautiful….you can never know from the surface if you dont look within…well done Miss J.


    1. The Glee Hub says:

      Most times, people are interested in container and not content but the reverse should be the case. Thank you


  10. Dimples 🌸🌸 says:

    Very true. Only the artist know the art.when we are confused on how to act or are being judged by people who believe they know the right way to do things or behave. We only have to look towards the artist who made us. 🌸🌸


    1. The Glee Hub says:

      and once our eyes are on Him, we do not need to look to anyone else for our definition…


  11. Fola says:

    Whao, this is expository.. thank you 😘


  12. Christine says:

    Wow. Plain truth. Keep up the good work


  13. thedoyeblog says:

    This is a very beautiful write up, I was captivated by the analysis, it made me feel like I was in the class. Welldone ma


    1. The Glee Hub says:

      glad it blessed you☺


  14. Bambi says:

    This is an awesome piece. Love it love it


  15. Oluwamayowa says:

    The write up is simply amazing and inspiring. It really blessed me. Good job Miss J . God bless you 😘


  16. Adeleke Joshua says:



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